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The Bloggers Guide to Surviving Writer's Block

It sucks... but this too, shall pass. Especially if you read this post.

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So you’ve got a blog – go you! That’s a great first step.

Now it’s on to the daunting task of actually blogging - a step that comes with its own share of challenges. Let’s start with overcoming the most annoying hurdle; writer’s block.

Ah yes – the ole’ writer’s block curse – a very familiar hurdle that all writers experience at one time or another. When you are staring at the cursor, trying to figure out where to start, try one of these three exercises:

Have a Gibberish Session

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What the hell is a gibberish session? It’s an exercise that I just made up a name for where you block out a chunk of time, say 30 minutes, and write down whatever comes to mind when you think about your main blog topic.

Your end result doesn’t have to be logical (or even make good sense), but sometimes simply putting pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard can start you off on a tangent that produces all kinds of great content ideas.

I make it a point to jot down miscellaneous topic thoughts and expand on them on a bi-weekly basis. After I go through the exercise and organize my thoughts, I almost always end up with a list of a dozen (or more!) great blog post ideas.

Step Away from the Computer

Computers are awesome tools – but sometimes sitting in front of one for too long can kill your creativity. Go for a walk around the block to clear your head or work on a completely different project for a while. Get some coffee, chat with a coworker, or go outside and catch the sunset if you work odd hours from home, like me!

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Clearing your brain space will set you up for better content production. If you’re trying to meet a looming deadline and can't take a real break, try swapping out the computer for pen and paper and see if a different medium produces better results.

Do a Brainstorming Exercise

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This one is similar to the gibberish session but instead of thinking broadly, this exercise helps you get more granular with your blogging. You may remember having done similar things in elementary school. So how does it work?

Write down a word or two that describe a common question or concern your target audience would have. Then, circle that puppy and start brainstorming topic ideas based on related concepts, questions or concerns. Not every idea will be a winner, but have faith! Buried among the stinkers, you’re sure to find some hidden gems.

Creep Around the Internet for Inspiration

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For extra relevant content ideas, I encourage you to spend time each week lurking in the shadows of forums and blogs where your target audience dwells (and comments on posts). Look at the questions they're asking each other and make note of what types of content they're engaging with. Just a few minutes perusing a relevant blog or forum can help you come up with some downright brilliant content ideas.

Now back to work!