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5 of My All-Time Favorite Free Content Tools

Quality tools for content creators everywhere.

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If you're anything like me, then you love free stuff! Today, I thought I'd share the love of freebies by telling you about five of my favorite free content creation tools. I literally use every single day because they're awesome. Enjoy!

1. Anti Stock Photo Sites

The anti stock movement is growing, and there are lots of enterprising entrepreneurs on a mission to abolish cheesy, dreadful stock photos from the web. Death to the Stock Photo is a great example.

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I can't decide what I like more; the awesome photos or the cool guys who run this site. You can sign up to get free photos delivered to your inbox every month (along with quippy messages from the very down-to-earth owner of the site).

If you need more direction on where to find good photos, check out this post. This is a ghostwritten post I published for a client and it's got eight excellent sites that provide high quality free photos you can use in your creative projects.

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I don't know about you guys, but words are my thing. Numbers... not so much. That's why I love this simple, easy to use little calculator. It allows you to figure out percentages in a number of ways and makes it much easier to math. It's a great tool to help you figure out the most impressive sounding number to list on your monthly marketing recap report as well!

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This super-stripped down HTML tool comes in mega handy if you're having a HTMeLtdown. Sometimes, things are being finicky and it can be frustrating to try and ID the code culprit. I found something that can help. This little site hosts the cleanest, fastest real-time HTML editor ever (and it's free!). No frills, all solutions.

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This. thing. is. AWESOME! It catches a lot of little things that other tools don't. There's a browser plugin that lets you check emails, form responses, etc. It can also do context based checks and can run plagiarism checks if you're evaluating a guest post or other external content. If you ignore the rest of the things on this list - get Grammarly. You'll thank me later.

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This browser plugin was created with the sole purpose of revealing what the HEX is going on with colors anywhere on the web. Found a submit button that caught your eye? Need to match branding for a presentation you're working on? Download this puppy and the internet is your oyster. You can find out hex codes for any color in one second flat. You can even get a whole site's color palette and can build your own schemes around any color you like.

Trust me - you're gonna wanna bookmark these! Did I miss anything? Share your favorites in the comments!